Saturday, March 9, 2013

Writer's Group Story -2

This is the second story I wrote in my ten minute writing session. Again, this has nothing to do with systemic lupus except for therapy for myself.

The starter sentence was "The minutes blurred into eternity..."

The minutes blurred into eternity as we waited for the doctor's report from my brother's surgery. It was just a simple removal of a kidney stone. Why was it taking so long? Two hours had passed and no doctor, no kidney stone and no report.

His trouble started when he could not pass a kidney stone naturally. The doctor decided going in surgically was the only way to remove it. The date was set and here we sat - waiting.

No reports - no doctor - minutes added up to hours which felt like eternity. When the doctor finally appeared into the waiting room, his grim look shook my heart to the floor.

"We found something else when we opened him up," he said. "It was cancer."

But we came in for a kidney stone. HOW can it be cancer? Little did we know at that exact moment my brother's eternity would come faster than any of us realized.

The doctor removed a stone and found a killer. He lived one year from the date of discovery and dying at the age of 46.

Every minute of our lives count - they add up to eternity.

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