Saturday, March 9, 2013

Writer's Group Story 1

I started attending a writer's group on Thursday afternoons in hopes to of getting inspiration back into my life. Writing has always been my greatest love, biggest release, and closest friend in times of trouble. At times I've felt encouraged. At others I've felt intimidated.

We always start with a ten minute writing exercise. A
sentence is given. I wanted to share two stories tonight I wrote in two different classes. PLEASE NOTE: these have nothing to do with systemic lupus except maybe for peace of mind and therapy for me.

The starting sentence is "I woke up to a gray, soggy day."

I woke up to a gray, soggy day. Knowing I had to get dressed and head to work. I put my mind in "go motion" knowing there would be better days to come. Heading out the front door, I put on my dime store hair bonnet to keep my hair dry. Far be it from me to enter that office with the Queen Bee herself nitpicking every detail of my being from soggy head to toe!

Entering the office and removing the bonnet to shake off the soggy day, I realized I had stepped into a room filled with models. Models? Had I walked into the wrong office? Worse yet, had I walked into my nightmare?

No, the Queen Bee was standing at attention waving me down ready to pounce. There she was, not one hair out of place. She was aving me down ready to pounce.

After her critique of my "poorly dressed" attire, she sent me to the dungeon of my office to begin proof reading for the day. The office of Jones Publications, now turned into Model Central, would soon be in my rear view mirror, or so I hoped.

Joe called out my name.

"Did you hear the news?"

"What news?"

"He's asked her to marry him."

"WHY? He doesn't love her!"

"Beats me. You passed the parade of wedding dress models this morning. She's not waiting for him to change his mind."

My heart stopped beating. He was the only reason I endured her harsh criticism. Just to be in his presence every day gave me hope. WHY?

As soon as I reached my desk, I called Sue and reached her voice mail.

"Sue, the offer you gave me for copy editor. I'll take it ASAP."

I wrote my resignation letter. Knowing they owed me two weeks vacation, I left it on the desk and walked out.


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