Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Thing of Beauty

"A thing of beauty is a Joy forever." John Keats.

Yesterday I went to Lexington with my friend, Julie. We were stopped at a stop sign due to heavy traffic after taking several different turns. The turns lead us to a most beautiful thing for the day - a mama duck and her babies crossing the road. Julie sat still while the mama took her babies across safely.

Later we had lunch together. Outside the window were birds busily building their nest. They stopped to rest on the bench and looked in at us, their beaks full of nesting stuff.

God sent two blessings yesterday - nature's beauty. Neither of which could have been planned. The mama duck stepped out on faith into that traffic knowing she and her babies would be safe as she crossed the street. The birds building their nest knew the structure they chose would be sturdy and dry. They also knew the people behind the glass wouldn't harm them.

I'm amazed sometimes at how His creation has more faith than I do. They simply live by the instincts He gave to them. We were given a brain to rationalize and a heart to feel. Yet these small creatures have more faith than a person with so much more.

The ducks and birds made my day. They taught me a lesson. Their beauty reminded me how great God is still.

The simple things are far more beautiful than those things with high price tags! They are more beautiful when they teach a simple lesson.


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