Monday, April 1, 2013

Buddy and His Bunny

Most days we just don't have control over our circumstances. Tends to set the tone for the rest of the day. 

Easter Sunday was that day for me. When I walked outside to feed Buddy, I saw the scoundrel down the road with something in his mouth. He was heading home as fast as he could run. When he reached my feet, he dropped a baby bunny. I picked up the poor thing hoping it was still alive and it was. As I scolded the cat and tried to walk toward the door in hopes of putting the bunny inside and tending to it, that baby hopped up and out of my arms onto the cold concrete below. Buddy immediately chased him into the bushes where I could not reach them. I beat the bushes trying to run him out, but no cat. No bunny.

I pushed the bushes back to see where he was. No cat. He had run through the other side before I realized he was gone. I don't know if he caught the poor little thing, but I felt so awful that the bunny was Buddy's dinner. I was so close to rescuing it. I failed.

It was that moment my next door neighbor walked up and introduced me to his son. He informed me if I touched the bunny, the mother would have nothing to do with it. I thought to myself, "I would have raised the bunny myself if I could have saved it."

The whole event reminded me how much we really don't have control over what hits us out of left field. Life happens. So does death. I remember my family and miss them terribly on holidays. The loss is intensified no matter how many years have passed. And if your life never has family to replace the loss, it is empty, lonely, hard to function with other families at times.

Although I was very thankful to share Easter dinner with a family yesterday, I was still reminded how much I stuck out like sore thumb. I listened to stories I could not relate to about people I did not know. I think it would have been much easier if someone would have taken the time to talk to me, ask me questions, to try to get to know me. I felt awkward.

The friend who invited me has been friends with the family for years. She is family to them. They invited another family. They had something in common. I admit there were times I almost excused myself to leave after the meal. But I didn't want to insult anyone. The best part of the day came in hugs. Their sweet little girl was so open and loving. That's the thing about children. They love you no matter what. Jesus said, "Come unto me as little children." He never meant to make anything complication. He wants everyone to understand His message of love.

My friend and I stopped by the college to visit a friend who was working Sunday. She works the switchboard. We three meet on Sunday for a small Bible study and give each other support to make it through the week. That time means more to me than anything I can ever express.

By the end of the day, I was emotionally spent. I had decided to climb into bed early. With the rain coming in late, I could feel the pain setting in my joints. But all I could see was that poor little bunny. I realized I had unintentionally run the cat off while trying to retrieve the bunny and had not seen Buddy since.

So I sat up waiting for the cat to come home. You'd think I was a mama waiting for her child at the end of a day. But I couldn't close my eyes until I fed the cat, made peace with him, and let him know I was sorry for running him off. He showed up around 9:30 p.m.
I followed afterwards.


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