Friday, April 19, 2013

Doctor Day

Woke up to another painful day. Yesterday was 83. This morning it was 44. Tonight's temp - 30's. The rain swept in like a burglar in the dark last night bringing in the most intense pain of the week. The sad part was I had to get up, get dressed and drag myself to the rheumatologist today.

What a hard thing to deal with when you're feeling too sick to go to the doctor. By the time I take a shower and get dressed, I'm exhausted. I made a list yesterday so that I wouldn't forget what I needed to discuss with the doctor. I knew today would be a bad day since the week has been so painful.

This rheumatologist isn't like the one in Dothan. He barely touches me. Barely listens. Comes across as if he's inconvenienced. But I've learned to take control of the time I'm given.

We discussed what meds are working and what meds aren't. Today he added two more medications. MORE EXPENSE! I'll have to wait until May 3rd to add them. One is a prescription pain patch for my spine. It is an anti-inflammatory.  It is designed to release medication directly to the source of the pain. I've used it in the past and it does work. I am hoping it will allow me to walk further without pain. Right now I can walk only a block without being in extreme pain. Holding on for two more weeks before the 3rd gets here!

When I arrived back home today, I crawled back into bed and prayed for pain relief. Sadly it did not come. Walking from room to room has been difficult. Using my hands have been more difficult. How I hate this horrible disease!


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