Friday, April 5, 2013

False Promises

The government makes all kinds of promises they don't keep. When the President does this repeatedly, it really goes downhill.

"I promise no one will hurt Seniors or the disabled with this sequester! They are off the table!"

I can't tell you how many times I heard this. Now he's come up with his own budget. Guess who gets the chopping block - Seniors and disabled. I'm not surprised. I never believed anything he's said so far.

He's reducing any kind of cost of living for Social Security. Of course, inflation will continue to go up. Cost of medication, food, utilities, etc. It is just that now the "juggling" act of food, medicine or utilities will no longer be a choice. It will be No food, No medicine and NO utilities.

He will still continue to send money to foreign countries, spend tax dollars on wasted stupid things, increase government workers for stupid programs, but seniors and disabled will just have to do without any increase in funds.

Why not just clean up the program? Reduce the age of eligibility? Take out the ones who are truly NOT disabled? He's opened the eligibility process as wide as the border. No wonder the funds are depleting fast.

If he spent more time in trying to help us instead of campaigning for next year's democratic election, perhaps we wouldn't be hurting so badly. Are you listening? Maybe you should.

I told a friend a few months ago not to preach his good qualities to me unless he (the friend) couldn't pay his rent, utilities, his medication or food. He accused me of being cruel. I thought he was heartless. He has a good job, doesn't have to live on the edge every month and suffer. He has no idea what it is like to suffer. Yet he is quick to condemn me for speaking out for those who have no voice, those who are sick, elderly, some with no family and cannot fight back.

His comments hurt me more than he will know.

Well, President, I guess I'll have to forfeit my $15 raise to combat the cost of living. I'm sure it really hurt the government.

You should truly be ashamed.

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