Wednesday, April 24, 2013

It's Not That Easy

When you're sick and in constant pain, it's not that easy. You endure. You suffer. You survive. But you're miserable inside.

As much as you hate taking medications, you have to just to endure the pain caused by a horrible disease you didn't ask for in the first place. Eighteen years of pain, damage, struggles with doctors, insurance companies, paying for high priced medications you need just to endure the pain because there is no cure. Only medications to treat the symptoms, the pain, the suffering.

And it's not that easy. Today I called the pharmacy to find out my insurance company would not approve my new pain medication even though I've used it in the past. It was sitting in "limbo" waiting to be filled. Needed "prior authorization" from the doctor they said to proceed. Didn't bother to send a request to the doctor's office. Didn't bother to contact me. Just left it in limbo. So I called the pharmacy. They gave me the 1-800 number to give to the doctor's office.

The doctor's assistant said they usually send a fax stating the med was turned down and they needed to send more info. This pharmacy didn't. Patients aren't required to get involved. But I had to get involved. The assistant called and took care of it. The pharmacy called and said it was approved. The doctor's office called and told me she was transferred to the pharmacy and it was "questionable" but she said it was approved. Two different stories. Odd thing is this isn't a narcotic. It is simply an NSAID, but it works. It releaves the inflammation. Once she called the number and asked for authorization, they only asked if I had used it before. That was it. Since I had, I was approved. Time passed in limbo. I suffered. They just let it hang in mid air and failed to follow through (the pharmacy).

With insurance companies and some pharmacies you are simply a number. Care isn't given to a person who is suffering. If Obama wanted to make a difference in health care, I wish he would have overhauled the cost of insurance and the cost of medications. What a huge difference that would have been! There lies the rub!

Tomorrow I have to call back and find out if it was or was not allowed to go through. It is bad enough this med costs $125 a month. The one med that works - has worked in the past - is causing more stress in my life. I'm thankful for the gift I received so that I could proceed with getting the Flector patch filled early.  Thank you, Liz!

Sandy found a pack of flector patches I had given to her over a year ago. She mailed them to me. Not many left, but I can use them for a day or two. The rain came in last night and the pain has been unbearable. The patches she sent were like gold to me!

This day has not been easy. I'm sticking on the old flector patch and crawling into bed in hopes there's enough medication left to ease the pain caused by the rain, the flare and the people who just didn't care.

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