Monday, April 8, 2013

Just What I Didn't Need!

Just wonderful! The only thing I look forward to every day is the mail. But today I receive a notice from an insurance claim that was filed on 2/28/13. States the billing agency filed that date for a service that was rendered on 10/18/09. Since my insurance did not cover all of the bill, I now owe $73.62. Had they filed when the services were rendered, while I was still in Alabama, the bill would have been paid in full.
So where am I suppose to come up with $73.62? Had I known earlier, I would not have spent the money on filling all of my medications, paying for past medical bills, and actually buying food.
This company has done this in the past. I have had to come up with the money. Their services were not completely covered and I had to pay or be put on a collection agency. If it isn't one thing, then it is something else!
So today I am highly stressed and angered. Why is it that when you TRY to do everything you can to control your environment to prevent further damage to your health, the health providers damage your health?
At this point all I can do it pray! Please pray with me! I know $73.62 may not seem like much to you, but it might as well be $7, 362.00 to me.

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