Tuesday, April 2, 2013

New Month New Worries

I'm up late tonight worrying over finances. Fixed income bring fixed worries. New med brings more expenses. Still cold here. More cost for heat.

Someone shared with me today that you shouldn't plant bedding plants in Wilmore until after Derby day. Too many chances for another frost. That's the first weekend of May. That means more cold nights ahead. That means more heat to use. That means more expenses. TWO doctor's appointments this month. More expenses.

So what can I cut this month? Food, medication refills? Both? Probably. I'm a big worrier. Always have been. Stress from worry isn't good. Flares comes from stress. Worry is wasted energy. It also shows a lack of faith.

But I don't have anyone to run to for help in time of need. I have to cut where I can. Some day it would be so wonderful not to worry about whether I could afford to buy food or fill all of my medications that month. Last month was a dream month - One in a million. I didn't have to do either one. I filled all of my medications and I bought food!

Taking a deep breath, one day at a time, knowing God always takes care of each need. Releasing the worry into His hands.


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