Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sick - Continued

I've been in bed for two days now. Just can't shake this lupus flare. The KY weather keeps rocking like a roller coaster. April showers turned to storms last night. Pain turned to a beating. There are no words to how bad the pain feels when it rains.

The temperatures are suppose to drop again. Back we go to the 50's/30's. Up and down. The barometric pressure is beating against my body like an abuser with a sledge hammer.

I just want to sleep, but sleep won't come because the pain is so bad.

Sometimes I wish I knew someone who understood what I was going through. I feel trapped in a world of pain with on lookers passing judgement.

A kind word is free. A hug is free. Why don't people understand this? When your body is destroying you, the only thing left is your mind and spirit.

I'll tuck myself back into bed, fight the fevers, pray for relief knowing this won't last forever. When I cross paths with someone suffering, I won't miss the chance to share a kind word, give a hug, and remind that person someone cares.

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