Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Best Man

Three Different Men:

Politician - runs for office, tells people what they want to hear, sworn in, doesn't keep promises he makes to people, life built on lies. Prideful and arrogant. Doesn't know what it feels like to work for a living. All talk and no do.

Actor- Entertainment world - Struggles to make it big - fame and fortune, reach the top, recognition, obtains "yes" men wherever they go. Forgets what it is like to struggle financially, loses compassion as a human trait. Prideful and arrogant. Feels as if they failed if no one knows their name. Appears at functions to remind others they are still "somebody." Focused too much on themselves.

My Daddy- Minimal education, physically hard working, supported every basic need his family had, never went without a job, endured judgement from others because he was a simple man, loved animals and made sure none that crossed his path went hungry. Loved people. If he knew someone was hungry, he took them food. If they had need of shelter, he made sure they found shelter. His rough outward exterior harbored a compassionate heart. His words followed action. He was content with what he had, never needing to climb a ladder to make himself better than anyone else.

Of the three above, my Daddy was the best man. He out shined the other two by far. He put actions to his words. He loved others and met needs. He worked hard. Provided for his family. He had a contentment others could only wish for in this world. He was a simple man, dressed in blue overalls, a plaid shirt and a red cap. He loved tending his garden, going fishing, and telling stories.

He was not prideful or arrogant. In this world, he was not a "somebody." He did not have "yes" men.

He was by far a better man than the other two.

He died April 30, 1996.


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