Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Storm Blew Through

So much fanfare with lightening and loud thunder! A storm blew through this afternoon. With it came the smell of fresh cut grass (which needed to be cut for a long time - thanks to my neighbor). As soon as the rain fell, I opened the door to drink in the smell of rain, refreshing and clean.

I've been in bed since Saturday night from a flare due to weather. Yesterday I was able to sit up for a few hours. Was nice. Now the rain is back and so is the pain. Sad thing is I love the rain - it just doesn't love me back! The flare has taken a turn I hate - rash! Itchy, spreading lupus rash! Add it to the growing list.

Just to let you know, awful disease, you're suppose to get better, not add another symptom as each day passes!

Last night my VCR died. I know I'm still in the dinosaur age, but I used my VCR on a regular basis. It taped many shows, movies, etc., when I was away from home. But now I'm stuck at home more than out - thank you systemic lupus. Still, I could hit record and go to sleep at a decent hour at night. No more.

 I feel lost without it. Try to find a VCR - new in the box - anywhere anymore! It wouldn't matter if I did. I couldn't afford to buy one. Sad isn't it?

I lost my sewing machine in December. I miss it so much. I will now mourn my VCR. As each one dies, I won't be able to afford to replace them. It takes every penny to make it through each month. Medications are so expensive. Food is bottom of the list.

So the rain swept in and out quickly. The air is clean and fresh. My kitty, Buddy, has finally showed up to eat and hopefully will find refuge in his kitty box on the sheltered porch. Once dishes are done and Rascal comes out of hiding from the storm, it is back to bed for me. Will be so happy when this flare is over. It has pulled me down physically and emotionally.

UPDATE: I have a new VCR!! THANK YOU, LIZ!!

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