Thursday, May 9, 2013


My friend, Julie, brought by a vase of flowers to share on Monday before going to water aerobics. They've finally made it to the drying stage. The roses are hanging upside down in hopes to preserve their beauty for years to come. The others are sitting in a vase drying naturally.

I LOVE flowers! Have used dried flowers to create wreaths in the past. Each one tells a story - just like pieces of a puzzle. I have a small vase of dried flowers from two friends - Amy and Liz. Most of those flowers dried well and wait to be included in a wreath when more flowers are collected and dried. For now they sit on the counter as reminders someone cares.

Hope to be physically able to plant some daffodil and tulip bulbs for next Spring. My next door neighbor had beautiful daffodils this year.

Sitting here itching itching itching!! Still think it has something to do with the pain patch. Have taken it off for a day or so to see if the pop up rashes stop. If they don't, it could be something Rascal brought in on his coat when I let him outside into the tall grass. He has cried so much wanting to go back out, but I can't take that chance. We are blessed to be in a place where I can step outside the kitchen door and stand with him as he eats grass and wallows in the sunshine. But this horrid rash has put a stop to it for awhile.

The rain knocked me down last Saturday night and put me in bed for the week. Two days ago the pop up rashes hit. Just trying to stay away from the ER!


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