Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday's Post

It was a rough night. Fell asleep with the tv on again. When I woke up after a couple of hours, I found myself balancing on the edge of the bed with Rascal taking up most of it. Sat up, picked him up, and moved him back to the other end. He's amazing. I understand it was in the 30's last night and he was cold, but it is a big bed and he has plenty of room to stretch out. Will be in the 40's tonight so he will repeat the body heat push.

I could not sleep last night. The rain came through on Friday bringing pain again. Swelling came with it. A friend called Sunday and asked me to go to Subway for awhile so I did, but the trip out just reactivated my pain. I only bought a diet coke since my funds for the month are now scraping bottom. I have to count pennies, literally, until June 3rd. Stress from worry doesn't help. I'm thankful to have canned food in the pantry. It helps to stretch the month. But I am worried.

The itching is still occurring. Rash isn't as bad as last week, but the bumps are still popping up. So glad I thought about the hand sanitizer. It worked to dry up the rash bumps. Was afraid to go to water aerobics because of the sores and bumps. Afraid the chlorine would cause pain.

I didn't accomplish anything today. Pain was too great. It wiped me out physically. So I tried to sleep and I did for two hours. But the sleep was not peaceful. Instead it was filled with one nightmare after another. I hate nightmares. I woke up shaking from the inside out. Stress again. Worry over stretching money over three more weeks.

Saturday night I had an unusual visitor on my porch. A raccoon. He was sitting on the porch munching down on Buddy's dry food while Buddy sat in his box looking at the strange "cat." I walked onto the porch to shoo him away. He just looked at me like I was crazy. I didn't want him to get into a fight with Buddy. So I used my cane and pushed him off the porch thinking he would run through the bushes to freedom. He didn't. He sat in the bushes and pulled the foot of my cane to him as if to say "What is THAT?"

He was not giving up. I then realized this poor creature was terribly hungry or he would have run off in fear. Buddy had settled back into his box and fell asleep. The raccoon was at the end of the porch. No danger. He returned to the bowl and ate once again until he heard a sound that sent him racing across the street. I haven't seen him since.

I give Buddy Rascal's leftover dry and canned food. After a day or two, Rascal just won't eat it. Buddy is thankful. But now Buddy has to fight the birds for the dry food. In turn, they are pooping all over my porch. I had to scrub the porch last week. This morning I took a look at the front path again. Covered in white poop. You can't hide the bowl. They always fight it.

I looked up the birds. It is a common Grackle - black bird with iridescent head. The description said they eat everything, including garbage. They are definitely not afraid of people. You can't run them off. I put out a small tin of bird seed. They ignored it. Wanted to dry cat food. So what do you do? I guess I'll keep chasing them off and hope they'll take to the small bowl of seed.

In the mean time, I have to find some strength to clean my apartment. It makes me so sad to look around this room and see clutter. But I'm in pain. I'm limited on strength. I'm worried about finances. I'm still itching.

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