Thursday, May 16, 2013

Rain, Pain, Vasculitis, Peonies, and Raccoons!

UPDATE: The raccoon has found better food source somewhere else. I took in the bowl after Buddy eats at night. Don't want to put him in danger!

It rained again today. Woke up to more pain. More bumps. More itching. After talking to my best friend on the phone last night, I realized what this was. Vasculitis! I was diagnosed last January with vasculitis: inflammation of the blood vessels. Same symptoms. Same signs. Just more wide spread this time. I guess all of the systemic lupus flares I've had the past couple of months set off another vasculitis flare as well. Doctors back in AL didn't treat it with anything. So I suffered until the inflammation settled down. Itch. Scratch. Suffer. Rest. The last time this happened it was more contained to one area. This time the rash is spread all over.


Rain brings beautiful flowers. In KY peonies grow and grow and grow. My next door neighbor set out beautiful peony bushes this year. They are blooming like crazy. I've tried several times to grow peonies in AL but they always dissolved into dust when the extreme heat hit them. Never successful. They are one of my most favorite flowers. I walked outside the other day and took pictures of his flowers. The aroma was so intoxicating that I lingered and breathed in their fragrance. This MUST be what Heaven smells like!

 How I wish I could afford to buy some peony roots or bushes and set them out in my corner of the yard. They dry so beautifully and make gorgeous wreaths. But right now I'm barely making ends meet. I just cannot afford to buy even one plant. So I'll have to admire my neighbor's beautiful flowers.


I discovered a new "thief" on my porch the other night. A HUGE raccoon! We "discussed" his stealing my dry cat food meant for Buddy, but he must not have understood my side of the story. Last night he returned to the scene of the crime. I tried to take photos through the glass storm door, but my flash kept going off. So the photos are way too bright. You can still see the image of the thief caught in the act. Since he's hungry, I won't shoo him off anymore.


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