Thursday, May 30, 2013

So Much For Subsiding Flares!

I knew it was quite warm inside, but with all the medications I take, my body heat is higher than normal. For the past two days I've been so hot! Today I paid attention to the heat inside. When I walked outside and it was cooler there than inside, I knew something was wrong. Checking the vents, no cool air. The air just ran and ran and ran.

Yep. The air conditioner has died. Now where was this heat when I was freezing this past winter?

I called my landlady and she said she'd call someone first thing in the morning. Hopefully someone will be available to do something about it. I think it must be out of coolant or whatever you put in air units.

Right now I'm burning up! Poor Rascal! He's burning up, too. We have a fan blowing, but it is blowing hot air. If it has to break down, better now than mid summer.

Heat flares my lupus worse than anything else. Winter is bad on the joints, but heat makes me physically ill. I should have known Tuesday when I was throwing up something was wrong. I fear becoming ill in the summer. Just recovered from vasculitis. The sores remain, but the itching and breaking out have stopped. The heat weakens my system.

So the cure for tonight? Shower and fan. Bath cloth on the back of the neck to bring down my temperature. Prayers that she finds someone to repair it on Friday!

When something bad happens, something good is around the corner.

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