Saturday, June 1, 2013

And So Another Appliance Dies!

My air conditioner died this week. It took me three days to realize there was something wrong. I'm blessed to have a landlady who gets things done in a hurry. The repair man came out Friday mid morning because she told him I had health problems. Luckily, it was a blown fuse in the unit. Took about half an hour to find the problem and repair it. So thankful for air! But now I'm paying for the heat - make me physically ill!

During the days when the air was out, my wonderful "dream come true", best fan I ever had fan died. It lasted me five years. Strong fan! Went through many 100 degree 100 percent humidity Alabama summers. When I arrived in KY, it slowed down. By October, it stopped. When Sandy came in January, she tinkered with it and "repaired it" enough to get it going again. Unfortunately, it chose this week to completely die.

It was a Climate Keeper Pedestal fan with remote. Of course, it didn't take me long to lose the remote. I still used the fan on a daily basis. Kept my electric bill low. A friend bought the fan for me from Walmart. I searched online at Walmart,com and didn't find one. Then again, five years ago it was $40.00. I couldn't buy a new one now.

I miss my Climate Keeper fan so much. With the rains blowing in, the humidity has been high. Lupus patients are walking barometers. Not only does the pressure hurt, but the sweating is intense. The meds raise my body temperature higher than most people. So without the fan, I'm miserable.

I sat outside last night to enjoy some cool air. Watched the lightening bugs and saw a rabbit hop buy. Picked a few wild strawberries in the grass to put in my bird feeder. So many simple pleasures. I wonder how many people here take these things for granted? I cherish each one.

Time to crawl back into bed. Fever has set in.

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