Saturday, June 15, 2013

Counting Pennies

I spent yesterday taking photos and gathering items to put on eBay. Anyone who has ever listed items on eBay knows this bad economy has lowered chances of selling items. Just not dependable.

I also counted pennies so that I could buy a few groceries today. Two and a half weeks stand between me and money.

Worry, stress and wondering what I am going to do for food when the few items I purchased today run out. I've been eating toast for breakfast, but have been so thankful to have that toast.

Sitting in the dark right now. Conserving electricity so that next month's bills will be less, I hope. It is so very hard to juggle the cost of monthly bills when you are living on $800 a month, especially when more than half goes to rent.

Still have medications to fill, but I'll be counting pills to see which ones I can skip this month. I just don't have enough money to refill them all.

I spent today with two friends, one who shared her leftover food from a meal she did last night. SO very thankful for the good food! I rarely get a meal anymore. We sat on the other friend's back porch and read the book of Ruth today and watched the robins feed their babies nested in a corner and colorful finches twirling on feeders just over the neighbor's fence. The breeze was cool underneath the shelter. For a short while, I didn't think about financial worries, whether I could afford to refill my medications, or how I would make ends meet this month.

Now I'm back to reality and counting pennies on my living room floor. When the small amount of food is gone, I'll be eating toast and grits until July 3rd arrives.

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