Wednesday, June 26, 2013


I should listen to the doctor and go to the ER when this happens, but I don't. I've experience so many ER and hospital trips that I'm quite tired of them. Hours of waiting to be seen, once in, they just do tests and you suffer. After more hours of waiting, they come out and say, "I don't know." Then you're sent home to continue to suffer with no answers. In the end, they blame systemic lupus for the problems because they just don't know the answer.

Yesterday afternoon I started feeling sick again. It felt as though someone dropped a lit match into my stomach. Shortly afterwards I experienced a night of diarrhea and throwing up for over four hours. This seems to occur every two weeks. This is the third time now.

When I saw my doctor about ten days ago, he had  cat scan done. Didn't see anything. Wanted to pass me off to another doctor. Been there done that. Didn't want it. Two weeks later, I'm repeating the same experience. What is going on?!

I was exposed to sun this past weekend when I was standing in line for the picnic Saturday afternoon at my college reunion. Why didn't they serve inside like they did Friday night? With the combined heat and sun, I was sick by night fall. Heat alone makes me physically ill. Sun causes lupus flares.

Did the flare attack my digestive system? Maybe. Has the heat been the culprit in the past few episodes? Maybe. I haven't been good about staying inside and watching the heat. Since I've moved, I want to take opportunities to be with people. In doing so, I've forgotten to watch what I eat, stay inside away from the heat, and above all, stay out of the sun!

It was a horrible night, but I refused to go to the ER. It wasn't as extreme as the last one, but was bad enough. I can barely keep down liquid. Food - no way. I'm swollen and in pain. If I go to the doctor, he will just send me to someone else. I'm not strong enough to take a shower, get dressed and go through the routine of red tape.

If anyone who has systemic lupus and reads this post experiences anything like this, please email me. I'd like to know what's going on with you.

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