Friday, June 28, 2013


Lupus is still flaring. Haven't been able to eat much the past few days due to the incident on Tuesday night. It has been a horrible week. Knocked the wind out of me. So sick! Just can't seem to bounce back enough to function.

I've been sitting up some today. Just keep worrying - next Saturday is Wilmore's city wide yard sale. I've been waiting for this one so that I could earn some extra money to get me through the rest of the year. Problem is this week has been a total wash with me being so sick. My ebay auctions are in the pitiful stage. Hardly any views and no bids. I just keep relisting and hoping.

Next Saturday's yard sale will make or break me. Hoping it will help financial. The downside? HEAT! Heat causes me to have extreme lupus flares like the one I've had this week. Will I be strong enough to do a yard sale on Saturday next week? Will I be able to recover from another flare from the sun and heat? Do I have a choice? No.


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