Thursday, July 4, 2013


It is STILL raining! The temperatures never rose above 65 degrees today. I LOVE the temps. However, the rain has beaten me up! The pain is horrible. Anyone with systemic lupus knows when it rains, pain sets in joints. It has rained off and on for days. It has been a heavy rain the past two days.

I've been unable to sleep because pain keeps me awake. With the change in barometric pressure, I sometimes feel like a grape being squeezed in a vise. This morning I just gave up, rolled out of bed and tried to function early enough to go to the parade. Surprise! They cancelled it. Bad weather.

So my friends decided to had lunch together and watch a movie instead. It was a nice relaxing afternoon. As soon as I returned home, I crawled into bed in hopes of the pain subsiding. Oh how I wish it would have done so! If there were a magic cure for the extreme pain that comes during rain, I would make a fortune marketing it.

I've found two positive sides to having stone block walls: one: they are much cooler in the summer. two: they silence a great deal of sound from the outside. Even though it is pouring rain outside, I had no idea there were neighbors setting off fireworks until I took the trash out. I have decided I'll sacrifice the cold in winter for the silence and cooler surroundings in the summer.

The Wilmore City wide yard sale is suppose to be Saturday. My living room has a walking path to the door. There are boxes everywhere with yard sale stuff inside. I am praying the rain subsides by tomorrow so that we can have the sale on Saturday. I NEED to have the sale. I need the extra money. Ebay just isn't selling now because of the bad economy. All of my stuff is tagged and ready to go so Friday I'm sleeping in. I'm to the point I cannot move another muscle.

Please, Lord, let this rain subside so that we can have the yard sales on Saturday. Cloudy skies are welcome - the sun will just make my lupus worse.

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