Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yes, I'm Afraid!

In the news today, the Republicans decided to use the fight against Obamacare to shut down the government. That means my income won't deposit on August 3rd. I have $12 in the bank. How do I pay my rent? My electric bill? My phone (I keep for emergencies)? My medications? My water and sewer? I have a good landlady. She holds my rent check until August 3rd when my deposit comes.

WILL there be a deposit? Congress is going to use this opportunity to play games once again to put our lives on the line. I'm scared. I'm a nervous wreck! What will I do? I have nowhere to go for help. I have no family. No one to run to. How dare they play with our lives!

I'm still healing up from a fall from Saturday that reinjured my back and spine. Now add to it the extreme stress and worry of where I'm going to find $450.00 to pay my rent come August 3rd and the plus $200 to cover the other utilities until the government decides whether they are going to play their games and shut down the government.

I can't take the stress anymore. STOP playing games! You're playing with the lives of real people, people who are suffering, most of whom did not ask to be in this situation in the first place! It is a stressful way to live. Don't add to the stress!!

If only Congress would listen to real people!

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