Monday, August 12, 2013

I Don't Understand!

Update: So thankful to have gone to the grocery with my friend this week!

This seems to be the front comment of my prayers these days. I DON'T UNDERSTAND, LORD! Why do people not care about others who are alone when they are so blessed with family? Why do people not understand how hard it is when you're so sick and struggling? Why don't others reach past their secure homes to help someone else who is so alone and lonely? This week my small Bible study pointed out in James that if you know a need and don't do something about it, it is a sin.

Friday I prayed for enough money to buy groceries. My pantry was getting so bare and my pennies were, too. How I prayed for enough money to get something good to eat! Saturday I was blessed with a visit from two sweet ladies from the local church who brought me a card and stuffed animal. They wanted me to know I had not been forgotten. They left and I was still hungry. I was thankful for the visit.

"But I don't understand, Lord. I was hungry and you sent me a card and a stuffed animal."

I dug out a can of refried beans, found a carton of sour cream that had been left in the fridge and an old bag of flour tortillas (almost a year old) and made a burrito. So good for two days. This morning I awoke so hungry!

"Lord, I am so hungry! My pennies are low. Please help me!"

I walked outside and found a bowl of three large tomatoes and two cucumbers from my next door neighbor's garden. She will never know how much I needed them right now. That was the best tomato sandwich I had ever tasted! Thank you, God!!

So many things I do not understand. One thing I do: if someone is hungry, I will give them whatever I have. Same goes for a starving animal. I know how it feels and cannot bear the thought of another feeling the same. Please, Lord, don't let me ever be unaware of someone who is hungry and in need!

It is the heat of August now. My joints are swollen from the rain and heat. I haven't been able to go outside and walk. It is impossible for me to walk a block let alone walk to the grocery store. If I do not rely on a friend, I cannot go to the store. Another obstacle. People take so much for granted.

Hmmmmm.....what I wouldn't give for a Papa Johns BBQ Chicken and bacon pizza. That, my friend, is a luxury.

James 4:17 "If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them."

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