Thursday, August 22, 2013

Life Is Hard Enough

I am lucky to share a Bible study with two other ladies on Thursday night. We're in James. Tonight we talked about the power of the tongue. Amazing how a small spark can start a powerful blaze isn't it? A few words can literally destroy someone or can make a difference in their life. Just a few words.

A few words from someone's mouth can destroy someone else's character. Just a few words. Sometimes it is best just to keep your mouth shut and not say any words at all.

Being in a position where I worked from the time I was 15 yrs. old, worked a full time job at night and went to college during the day, worked a full time job while taking care of each family member before they passed away, and then losing my own health, I've been pushed down the ladder of society's view of success. I've been judged repeatedly because of the position I am in (and not of my own choosing either). I can tell you many words have destroyed me over the years. The words that have hurt the most have come from fellow Christians.

Since I've been beaten down by words from my own family growing up, in the world while I fought for a better life, in the medical arena while caring for my family, and now in my own life (and medical field) just to make it day to day, I've learned one very important thing: don't judge the person in front of you. There is no possible way that you know what this person is suffering from, dealing with, has gone through, or has to face on a day to day basis. Passing judgement on that person and flippantly spitting out hateful words are a dangerous combination, especially to the life you just mowed down.

Think before you speak. If you can't make a difference, shut up and move on. There is no guarantee your life won't suffer some consequence down the line where you are put in the path of someone's destructive judgement. Life is hard enough.

Make a difference or move on.

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