Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lupus Pain and Swelling

Went on a road trip Tuesday with a friend to take a friend of hers to the doctor in Somerset, KY. Sitting for a couple of hours one way and then couple of hours back reminded me of how much my body swells! By the time I arrived home, my right foot had so much inflammation in it that it felt like it was broken. Both legs were so swollen I could barely wrap both hands around one calf.

It has taken two days for the swelling to go down. Don't ya just love systemic lupus?!?! No matter what I do, I pay for it...literally. It was worth the trip to enjoy time with good people, get out of Wilmore  for the day, and see beautiful scenery.

I'm still having pain from some of the remaining swelling, but it comes with the territory. As for the pain in my foot, well, I can't feel my feet except when inflammation hits the bone. Then the pain in the bone radiates throughout my body. I've learned to do what I have to do.

While wandering around ebay the other day, I saw a treadle sewing machine. I've always wanted one. Even though I can't feel my feet, I still have to walk on them. I concentrate when I walk. It is easier when I'm sitting to focus on pushing a pedal. I miss sewing. I had hoped to be able to make some skirts this summer, but no working sewing machine. My vision has grown worse and it is just too hard to see well enough to thread a needle. Even harder to rethread it over and over.

Rough night last night. Just can't seem to sleep more than two hours before waking up. Think it is coming from the swelling. So I get up and "wander" around my place, the best I can, and wake Rascal up for a change. I walked outside last night and found Buddy on the porch. He had a friend with him. A rough looking old tom cat. Sweet thing. Was hungry, too, so I fed them both.

Doctor's appointment rolling around next Friday. So many times I've almost pushed that appointment up. I've suffered vasculitis, digestive issues, lupus rash break out, joint inflammation, etc. , etc., etc. and just suffered through them all. I'll list them when I go and will hear, "Why didn't you come in sooner?" No, I won't have an answer for that question. I guess I've suffered for so long that I just don't know when to go in anymore.

Time to get up and move around. My legs are swelling again. If I don't move soon, I'll be in pain once again. Oh horrible lupus, go away!

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