Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lingering Heat!

The heat is lingering in Wilmore. Was up near 90 today. I guess the weather is making up for lost time. Unfortunately, the heat has made me terribly sick again. Last night was the worst. Spent the night in the bathroom again wondering if I should go the ER. Sad thing was I was just too drained to get dressed and go.

Yes, a lupus flare has ensued. Fevers and chills all day today. Staying in bed was hard. Rascal decided he wanted the bed and wanted me out. He finally won. Now I'm sitting up while he is sleeping.

My neighbors had a cookout late yesterday so that we could meet each other. I went for awhile even though it was hot outside. I think the heat is what caused my flare. At any rate, it was good to put names to faces and find out whose children were running around to whose houses. Nice people here. Always willing to lend a hand when you need one. They're friendly. Caring. Nothing like the people I lived around in Alabama. It has taken me a year to let down my guard a bit. Coming out of a war zone was hard.

Sad to say I have another doctor's appointment this week. Time for my three month check up again. With lupus you juggle doctors, meds and appointments. Gets old and tiring. Professional patient for eighteen years now. Sad also to say I'm looking for a new rheumatologist. When you don't trust a doctor, time to move to the next. Wednesday's appointment with my GP will be a full one. Add a flu shot onto the list.

Sad to say also the doctor's visit cuts into the remaining funds I have for the month. I'll be back to counting pennies again until October.

So my body is a wreck today, thank you lupus, and my spirits are low. Two steps forward and ten back. Maybe tomorrow will be a better day.

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