Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Stress, Back Pain, and STRESS!

Two days ago I bent down to pick up a towel and hurt my back. Having severe back problems already, this just made it worse. I've been miserable with only sitting, lying down and standing for short periods of time. It has been miserable. And I cannot afford to go to the doctor! With the government possibly shutting down and no way to pay my rent come Oct. 3rd, with me counting pennies just to pay for food, with stress mounting so high I've gone into another lupus flare, and now my back gone out, the one thing I need to do is go to the doctor, but I can't. So I'm sitting for short periods of time. Lying down for short periods of time. Standing for short periods of time. No medication I'm taking eases the pain, not even the pain patch. When you hurt your back and have back problems already, the misery is horrible!

I'm on a heating pad and praying!

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