Tuesday, September 17, 2013

The Windows Are Open and A Lesson Learned

Fall keeps tip-toeing into the month, then the high 80's return. By weekend we will be in the high 60's. Welcome Fall! Even though the up and down weather pattern is beating the tar out of my body, I love the cooler air so much. I've had the windows open today. Nice to have fresh air. Yet the change has forced me to stop in my tracks. Wanting so badly to go outside and walk - pain stopping me in my tracks.

When you have a chronic illness like mine you tend to feel alone in a world of healthy people. They buzz all around you while you stay still, in pain, suffering through the day. It has been a long lonely summer and I'm glad to see it go. Want to get out more, do more, but this horrible disease has stopped me. Financially, physically, and emotionally. I feel trapped inside a damaged shell I cannot shed.

So I'll open the windows after another round of heat passes and enjoy the cooler air until I can put my feet together and walk outside.

A big, old black and white tabby cat has taken refuge on my porch. I found out today he was physically hurt and was in the gully down the road several months ago. Must have been the time he showed up on my porch starving. Since then, he has become my cat statue, my guard cat on the doorstep. Buddy still comes to eat and get his loving, but this cat has reminded me of a very important lesson. Everyone, EVERYONE, needs and deserves a safe haven, a place where they know someone will love them, care for them, a place where they can sleep and feel protected. I'm glad my doorstep is his safe haven. He thanks me every day when I step outside to give him leftover food from Rascal's bowl. His big tom cat head rubs my legs and begs for a scratch. He's a good boy. God has used these crazy felines to remind me how important feeling safe and cared for is in this world. I have the "safe" in hand now. If only the cared for.


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