Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cooler Temps!

Cooler temps still prevail today. Still wreaking havoc on my joints and spine. Has been hard to function, but I did make it to the porch today. Sat outside reading until the cold air was a bit too much.

Tom cat still hanging around, but being way to vocal these days. He is a typical tom. Spends his evenings yelling at any cat who approaches the front steps. Once I break up the fight, I can put myself in bed at night.

Just been one of those days: Rascal threw up on the bed, had to change sheets and blanket even though I just put clean sheets on one day ago, dropping breakable items again and watching them shatter (arthritis is bad on cold weather), had to push myself and roll up the water hose to put away for winter (now on a heating pad for my back), and wanting so badly to go outside for a walk, but afraid I won't be able to walk back home!

A friend sent me a big box of yarn today. Someone had given it to her, but she wasn't interested. It was so nice to get a package in the mail! Lots of skeins!

There's nothing exciting about being alone. Days run together, especially when you're in so much pain, you never see another person (so I'm thankful for the kitty visits), and it is a struggle to accomplish much of anything. If I lived a bit closer to town, I could walk to the grocery store, walk around the college, just go outside and get the things I need. As it is, I'm just a bit too far from downtown to make it. Sometimes I wish I had one of the houses behind the grocery store. One block from the college and downtown, a short walk to the store, an option that would open more.

But it is hard when every dime to have pays for rent, utilities, gas, tons of medications, and some food. Last night I dreamed someone had bought a house for me in Wilmore. It was in the ideal location, had wood floors (instead of concrete - how that has damaged my back), and well insulated.  Oh for the hopes in dreams!

Time to pull out the electric blanket and put it on the bed. Hoping it still works! That blanket saved me from freezing last year. Looks as though we will have an early winter and a much colder one. I don't remember October being this cold last year.

When I was cooking today, I wished I had a kitchenaid stand mixer! Someone I know has one of these and it helps her to turn it on and sit down. Standing on my feet in the kitchen seems to make my back worse. I've dreamed of getting a kitchenaid, but they are much too expensive!

Cooler temps - love them! Wish the pain would go away!

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