Monday, October 21, 2013

Lupus Flares Galore!

PAINFUL lupus flares! Every joint in my body is in pain. I've had two pretty high fevers just today. With the temps dropping so fast and the rain/wintry mix coming in, looks like I'll be housebound yet again. I long to go for a walk through Wilmore and look at the changing Fall leaves. But this horribly sick body just won't cooperate.

On days when my lupus is so active, it is hard to find something I can do. With swollen hands it is difficult to knit. With pain off the scale, it is hard to write, to concentrate. I feel like a statue frozen in suffering. Cannot find a chair to support my back pain. Instead everything I sit in seems to flare it worse. Have to get one of those glider rockers! Best back support ever.

Would be so nice to have family, at least one person to be here when I feel so very bad. Would be nice to have someone to bring hot meals, clean for me, even wash my dishes for these are the things I cannot do on days like this.

Weather is predicting possible snow mixed in with the cold rain. I've put off turning on the heat (expense issues), but tonight I'll have to do so. My electric blanket isn't doing the job it should be. Even Rascal is telling me time to turn on the heat!

This is the weather I remember from college years. Cold, wet October. Snow (hopefully) beginning in November. Perhaps this will be Winter like I those I remember so many years ago.

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