Thursday, October 3, 2013

Still In Shut Down Mode

The Government may not have shut down Social Security this time, but if they don't get their act together by mid October, Social security, Veterans, and everyone else will not be paid come Nov. 1st. This country will default on their bills. Sad thing is to Congress and the President this is just a game of politics. No thought to how it affects real people, the lives of those who have been put on furlow with no pay, those still in fear of what is yet to come.

Children are running America. Their way or the highway. It has become a kindergarden playground with the biggest child standing in the oval office refusing to bend one way or the other. He simply wants the paycheck instead of giving up his muli-million dollar multiple vacations, high spending trips throughout the year plus so many other areas that could be cut instead of cutting the lives of those who desperately need the help.

Childish? Yes. I have yet to see where he is taking any responsibility for anything he has done or said wrong. Any it makes me sick to listen to him because I wonder how much of what he says will be true.

I've heard so many people say the majority voted him back in office. It wasn't a landslide majority. It wasn't a huge majority either. There are many Americans unhappy with his lack of leadership and now this nightmare of Obamacare that is hitting the job market hard. It will also soon make it harder for us to get doctor's appointments with the flood of new patients (spoken from a doctor). That scares me even more.

Many people refuse to listen to anything negative spoken about the President or congress. The same are quick to pass judgement on anyone with a different opinion than them and will mow them down in a hurry. Unless their lives fall into the direction of HIS bull dozier, they will simply not listen. I've been in his fallout since he's been in office and it has caused me must stress and duress. I have suffered physically and emotionally from it. My day to day life has been much more difficult with his changes. Unless anyone who reads this can relate to living with this, they simply cannot say anything that will change my experience.

Soliders' families are still struggling. Veterans as well. Social Security beneficiaries (so very hard to live on next to nothing!) are struggling as well. And we all sit in limbo waiting to see what happens next.

Through the last lies Obama stated in his broadcasts, "Social Security checks may not go out. Veterans checks may not go out if the government shuts down," and may I add he is the ONLY one who made those statements simply to add more fear to those who simply did not need them, I can honestly say I'm sick and tired of listening to the lies. To me it is nothing more than bullying the weakest members of society. How sad you are!

I realized through this last stress filled period that I was not putting my faith where it belonged - in God. He has ALWAYS taken care of me. Always. Being the flawed, weak human I am, I forgot about all the times His help has come when I needed it the most. He did not fail this time either. His blessings are huge - His love great. I am not worthy of His mercy, but I am so very thankful for Him. My eyes lost sight of where they should be during all of this and the stress was unbearable. I'm thankful He finds us no matter where we fall, picks us up and restores the peace we need.

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