Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Update on Cat Scan Plans

On Nov. 26th, they will scan my aortic thoracic aneurysm which is near my heart. When I received the paperwork in the mail yesterday, it also stated "lung nodules." No one ever told me about this diagnosis so I called them to enquire. She said they discovered lung nodules in my right lung when they scanned last year. They are 3 cm. I asked what that meant and finally after beating around the bush, she said it could possibly be cancer. If the nodules have grown, they will have to do a biopsy to determine if this is cancer.

I knew they would be searching for other aneurysms, but this one came out of the blue! I am still stunned. Whatever they find, they find. Just add it to the already growing list. By the time the scan rolls around, I'll accept it. Right now I'm still stunned.

Sometimes it is just so much easier not to know.

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