Monday, November 11, 2013

A Cold Winter's Night

No, it isn't winter yet, but the temps are dropping fast outside in Wilmore. The high is suppose to be 39 degrees tomorrow. The plus side - snow predicted! Not much accumulation is predicted though. Still beautiful!

If we could skip the rain first, that would be wonderful. But the rain started falling already. I could feel it coming when the pain in my spine was intense. Cannot stand for more than five minutes! It would make perfect sense to crawl into bed right now, but I'm like a child at Christmas. I want to see the snow fall!

Rascal is curled up in my chair on top of a fleece throw. He's happy. But I'm in pain,  severe pain, from this drastic weather change and the entrance of rain.

Today was not a day of accomplishments. It is so hard when you can't stand for very long. Nothing gets done!

Praying for a good night's sleep in spite of  the rain.

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