Tuesday, November 26, 2013

And the Test is Over!

My cat scan went well. VERY nice people where I went! VERY nice person took me for my appointment!

When I lay down on the table, I looked up to see a beautiful picture of horses - Calumet Farm in Lexington  at sunrise. SO beautiful! So soothing. More places need to do this.

Went to Susan's grand daughter's kindergarten Thanksgiving play afterwards. Oh how I miss teaching! The kids were wonderful. So sweet. Some didn't have parents there and that broke my heart. There was one boy who stood alone afterwards because he had no one to run to and be loved.

Had lunch out - what a nice treat! I hadn't eaten anything since last night (fasting test).

It was a wonderful day even though they were searching for more aneurysms and lung nodules and checking the size of the one near my heart. God does turn bad things into something good.

Won't find out the results until next Tuesday. Doctor's appointment then. So once I pick up the CD of the scan tomorrow I plan to forget about all of it until then.

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