Sunday, November 24, 2013

BAD Weekend!

What started off as a good weekend ended up pretty bad! The good part took place Saturday morning when I attended a one day retreat. It was inspiring and fun and so much needed.

When I arrived home a few hours later, I was throwing up and experiencing diarrhea again. Horribly sick! It finally subsided by midnight. No clue as to what keeps causing this. Seems to run a three to four month cycle.

Then this morning I sat down in my new glider rocker and it turned over with me. I hit my head on a table behind it. Have a huge knot on the back of my head! It was so painful and scary experiencing this alone. I just lay there and cried. Waited for strength to pull myself up again. Hit my neck and shoulder pretty hard as well.

Did I go to the ER? No. Why? Because everyone I knew to call were in church. No one would have answered their phone. So I cried it out, took ibuprofen and put ice on my head with a flector patch on my shoulder.

Checked out the chair later in the day and it appears it tipped back too far because of the way the base was sitting. I wasn't going to let it get the best of me. I turned it over, checked the base and readjusted it. Afterwards I sat down carefully and rid  myself of the fear. Problem is every time I get up Rascal crawls into the chair. We have arguments as to who owns it.

The swelling has gone down, but I still have a pretty big knot on my head. It hurts still. I was hit hard this weekend in the area of getting sick and having an accident. The worst part of all of this is being alone and suffering. I am so tired of dealing with all of this alone. That goes for dealing with the holidays alone, too.

Sometimes life is just too hard.

AND Tuesday morning I head out for my cat scan. They'll check the size of the aneurysm near my heart and search for others. They will also check on the two nodules they found in my lung.

Keeps getting better and better!

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