Thursday, November 7, 2013

Coming Soon: Chance of Snow/Christmas Wishes

How can a woman as old as I am be so thrilled about snow? When I checked the weather forecast, it predicted an 80% of SNOW Wednesday and 60% on Thursday. Woo hoo!! Snow in November! So excited! Joy joy joy!

Snow doesn't hurt as badly as rain and it is far more beautiful! The air is crisp and clean. Easier to breathe.

Since we've "fallen back" on time, it gets dark even earlier here. Never has bothered me to have short days. As long as the temps are cooler, I'm happy.

Yesterday the wind was high. I opened the window to hear the leaves rustling outside. The colors came in late and now they're on the ground. Still beautiful! One of my most favorite things about living in Wilmore is having four seasons. So nice to enjoy the Fall.

Was thinking about Christmas today. Even though I'm alone at Christmas, I still make a point to decorate. Love the lights. Was remembering my youth when Sears use to send out a Christmas catalog each year. I'd grab it first and circle all of the things I wanted. Of course I never did get what I wanted, but it was fun to dream. Now "wants" have turned to "needs." But if I could go back in time and open the Christmas catalog today, I'd make my "wish list" like I did before. But I'd have to add a few needful things as well:

Want - glider rocker. Can't beat this for someone with back problems

Want - a 5ft folding table I can use for crafts.

Want - a stand mixer.

Want - a flat screen tv.

Need - Fancy feast canned tuna and cheese cat food for Rascal and Fancy Feast dry Salmon. Litter.

Want - a round bed for Rascal to sleep in at night.

Need - Funds to pay for increasing medical costs. It reaches the point I have to choose food or medications.

Need - a dryer. Mine is on its last legs.

Need - Peace and love. No price tag there!

Need - encouragement and friends who stay even when I'm so sick I cannot function.

Need - to be pain-free and have a life outside these walls.

Amazing how my "wish list" has changed over the years. Just like my youth, I know I won't get the things on the list, but it is fun to wish!


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