Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Human Kindness

I've been washing clothes by hand since my washing machine finally died two months ago. Today I received a brand new washing machine from a kind soul - someone who did not want to be known. Human Kindness. How very grateful I am for this washing machine! I was so happy I did two loads of wash! After putting back up my clothesline late last night, I hung out clothes on a warmer, sunnier day than we've had in a while. They smell so good with fresh air and sunshine.

No mopping up the floor after the old machine flooded it. No more stress in that area! To whom ever blessed me with this machine, THANK YOU!!! What a huge difference you made in my life.

If you ever watch "America's Got Talent," you may be familiar with Joe Castillo, the sand artist. I was blessed to see him in person when my university sponsored him. I ran across the following post with his "Human Kindness" art. A little long, but well worth watching.


I also ran across this page that shows human kindness in progress. Hoping those who run across this post will be inspired to be kind to others.



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