Wednesday, November 6, 2013


The pain has returned with a vengeance! Rain is coming in and temperatures will fall once again. With this weather pattern comes swollen joints, a fever, and extreme fatigue. Was hoping I had finally licked the lupus flare, but with the barometric pressure going up and down, I've returned to pain and bed rest.

Sometimes living with lupus is more like suffering with pain. Stress doesn't help it either. The one thing my rheumatologist in Dothan said was "avoid stress!" Doesn't take much to set off a flare.

Having a hard time breathing today as well. Will be glad to get the cat scan over and meet with the new thoracic surgeon to find out about the lung nodules. Wondering if this is a symptom.

Want so much to live a normal life, but when you have a chronic disease like lupus, you're thankful for the small things. You never know what the day may hold.

I'm exhausted just from recording this entry. Time to return to rest once more.

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