Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Night Before Thanksgiving

Tonight and tomorrow families will gather together. Thanksgiving. I have fond memories of my mother's cornbread dressing. Unfortunately, she threw everyone out of her kitchen and didn't pass on her recipes. I miss that dressing.

Makes me sad to be alone at the holidays. Life is hard enough day to day when you're sick and disabled. Being alone makes it so much worse.

Picked up the cd of my cat scan. Hoped to find the test results on there, but they haven't been read yet. So I'm stuck waiting until next Tuesday for my results. Picked up and forgotten for now.

Took a walk in the cold and snow this evening. SO crisp and clean! Wilmore had a little traffic, but was still quiet. I walked three blocks. That's major for me! Had taken my camera so that I could take photos of Asbury in the snow, but my battery died. I need a new camera so badly. This one is being held together with duck tape. Pretty sad really.

Baking some pumpkin bread for tomorrow. Going to the Potter's Inn B and B for lunch. Was a small group last year, but this year it is turning into a huge one. I'm not good in a crowd of strangers. Maybe I can get lost in the crowd.

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