Thursday, December 5, 2013

And the Ice Storm is coming!

There is ice, sleet and snow headed our way. Today the temperature dropped more than 30 degrees from the day before. Gosh how that hurts! The Up and down temperatures cause my lupus to flare considerably. Let's just say the cat slept better than I did last night. The pain was far too great.

Rain tends to put me in bed. My joints swell and the pain is bad. Today was a cold and rainy day. If we could skip the rain and just have snow, my body would be more pleased.

Tomorrow morning I go back to Lexington for a echocardiogram. They want to make sure the aneurysm isn't leaking. Have to be there at 8:00 a.m. That puts us leaving at 7:15 a.m. So what am I doing now? Wasting time instead of going to bed early! I'm having difficulty breathing tonight. When I lie down, I can't breathe! So tonight may be spent in a chair instead of bed.

Realized today that Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. Why does it seem that December flies by while the summer months crawl like snails? I put up a tree, a small tree. Sometimes I wonder why I bother since there are no presents under it and won't be for that matter. One of the side effects of not having any family and being alone in the world. No Christmas dinner under this roof either. Hard when you juggle cost of medications, medical bills and whatever is left goes to food. So no goodies here.

Top today off by losing my camera! Won't power on. No, it isn't the battery. My best friend and I determined there is a connection problem within the camera. In other words, it can now rest in peace. It is officially dead. Bad timing! This weekend is Wilmore's Old Fashioned Christmas. I so wanted to take photos. Not this year.

So it seems appliances and me do not get along well. My best vacuum cleaner just quit. I am not sure but it appears its years have come to an end. Add to the list my tv is going as well. I guess these things come in threes. Well, the electronic deaths can stop now. That makes three.

Better to head to "bed" in my chair soon. Going to check to see where Rascal is since he ran when I turned on the vacuum cleaner.



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