Wednesday, December 18, 2013

And STILL Confused!

Went in to see the surgeon expecting to hear surgery plans. Instead he came in through the backdoor and straight into my exam room.

"It looks good. See you in a year."

"Wait. What? The second test showed it was 5 cm."

"The last test says it is fine and stable. That is why I asked for the CTA scan."

"You also asked for the echo cardiogram."

"I did?"

I asked many questions including the following:

"So those who read the second test just worried me for nothing?"

"Well, it depends on who reads these tests."

"It was my cardiologist who read the test. He was highly concerned and said it was 5 cm. Wouldn't let me go home until he was certain I was okay."

"Well, it doesn't matter. The size is 4.1-4.4 cm."

"It was 4.7 cm last year."

"I don't care what it was. It is what I wrote on your chart."

He didn't look at the cd of my scan, just read off a sheet of paper.

"Why did I have to come all the way into Lexington to hear you read off a paper for five minutes?"

"I don't set up appointments. Nurses do that."

Something is not right. I call my cardiologist tomorrow morning to find out what he thinks. Geesh this is stressful!

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