Monday, December 30, 2013

Bright Spot in The Clouds - THANK YOU KEVIN SPACEY!

It has been a dreary weekend most of which I spent in bed. For the past couple of weeks, I've had a hard time walking on my left foot. I don't have feeling in my feet anymore, but I can feel the bone pain! It was hard just taking down the tree yesterday and packing decor away.

One day has run into another. Time tends to do that when you're alone. But today was different. I received a card in the mail from Kevin Spacey! THANK YOU KEVIN! You made my day!! You put a smile on my face.

Tomorrow is doctor day once again. This is a new rheumatologist. Had to wait three months to get in. I hear she's worth it. Hoping! I cannot imagine going into a doctor's office sick and actually feeling like they helped. It has been a long time. Just like most people in the world today, doctors don't seem to care anymore. Just praying she does.

BRRRR it is cold outside! Cloudy. Where's the snow??? If it has to be cold and dreary, we might as well have snow. When I was in college here thirty years ago, there was snow on the ground from November through March. Now we're lucky to have snow for a day. Come on snow!! :)

Today's plans were to clean. But the weather has beaten me down once more. Another day!

Rascal has decided that this computer is in his way. Time to get offline and cuddle with the kitty.


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