Friday, December 6, 2013


Talk about a turn around fast! Went in for the echo cardiogram. The tech was very thorough. He left me in the room for awhile and I was wondering what happened. When he returned, he told me he had a concern about what he saw. Turns out it was an optical illusion. THEN he said my aneurysm was 5 cm and didn't want me to leave until a cardiologist read the test.

Luckily, my own cardiologist was on call to read tests today. He said I should be okay to go home for now until the surgeon saw the test results. There was a huge difference in size from what the cat scan showed to what the eco showed. Now we're at the wire for having surgery. Open heart surgery.

I was stunned when I heard the news this morning. My thinking had to turn toward facing what was ahead sooner than expected. But my best friend said something today that settled my mind.

"No matter what happens, it will be okay." I knew either the surgery would make a difference or if I died, I'd be in a far better place. So it will be okay no matter the outcome.

So now I'm stuck waiting on the surgeon to make a decision.

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