Sunday, December 22, 2013

First Tornado Siren

Went to see "A Tuna Christmas" at the Woodford Theatre in Versailles, KY last night. It was late when we came home and the weather was wacky. It was around 11:30-midnight when I heard this crazy sound outside. Opened the door expecting two cats yelling at each other, but instead was greeted by a tornado siren in Wilmore.

Went back into the bedroom and turned on the news to find out there was a tornado nearby. Then I heard a loud sound like a train above my roof. I grabbed Rascal and headed into the closet. Since I keep a lantern in the closet, I turned it on and we waited.

It was so fast that poor Rascal didn't have time to react. After about fifteen minutes, he realized I put him in the closet. So he started pawing and meowing to get out. I finally opened the door and watched him sprint under the bed.

Quiet. Turned on the news again to find out the tornado had moved up and east. Checked outside and nothing seemed damaged. Not sure if it was a tornado I heart, but it scared me.

It was pretty late when we finally went to sleep. With the weather soaring up to near 70 yesterday, added with rain and yuck, it really wreaked havoc on my body. It is the barometric pressure. Now it will dive the other direction by morning. Wouldn't mind the cold if it came with snow, but no snow.


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