Thursday, January 2, 2014

A New Year

It is a new year. The whole world has hope at this point in time. It is suppose to be a time of new beginnings. But if you have a chronic illness (or multiple ones), you carry them over into the new year. I spent New Year's Eve alone and slept through the midnight hour. There is an old wives tale that says whatever you do on New Year's Eve, you'll do the rest of the year. I surely hope not!

Went with friends to see "The Hobbit part 2" yesterday. Ended up sitting alone since we arrived so late. There weren't any seats together except the top row and I cannot climb steps. My joints are inflamed. My foot still swollen and painful. Even though I have no feeling in my feet, I can feel the bone pain.

 I enjoyed the outing, but it put me in bed today. I even slept through the first snowfall. So glad it snowed again! The temps outside are suppose to be 10 degrees tonight and in the minus temps next week. I can hear the wind howling outside the window. Thanks to a friend, I was able to get a new heater this Christmas. Of course, it is in the bedroom with Rascal right now. He's the smart one - still curled up underneath the sheet and on top of a heated mattress pad.

I realized yesterday that I will turn 53 on Jan. 20th. Never thought I'd make it this far. With each year has come a weakening of my system. But I am here for a reason, or many, whatever the Lord wants. I learned a long time ago that you're not going anywhere until it comes your time. It is nice to have that peace of knowing where I will be after this life is over. I never will understand why atheists are so angry at Christians who only want others to have the same peace.

Since it is a new year, most people focus on themselves - lose weight, eat better, get organized, etc. Please never let me focus on myself, but on what difference my life can make in someone else's life each day. This has become such a "self-centered" society. Lord, please don't let me become self centered when there are so many people who are hurting, need someone just to listen, or give to them their needs. It is called compassion and kindness.

May your new year make you think of others. Make a difference in someone else's life instead of your own.


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