Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Week Has Passed

A week has passed since I posted to this blog. With my best friend here, we've stayed pretty busy. It was a nice treat for me. I don't get out much. She told me what she wanted to do each day and we did it. We hit discount bookstores, thrift stores, went to two estate sales, but my favorite was going to Amish country near Danville, KY and Liberty, KY. Such a beautiful area! We stopped in a dry goods store where two beautiful little Amish girls looked at us as if we had horns growing out of our ears! I'm sure it was interesting to them since I was walking with a cane and Sandy had a boot on her foot reaching up to her knee! Then stopped by a kind and friendly family owned store where we visited six years ago when I had my college reunion. Such nice wonderful people!

We braved the cold, the icy roads, the blowing snow. I was able to buy a pair of GOOD, warm, non-skid shoes, something I desperately needed. I've been in KY for 1/12 years and never had the opportunity to buy a decent pair of shoes. Sad really.

Sandy made last week a "birthday week." We ate out at different restaurants at lunch and cooked at home at night. Was so nice to have her here.

Sunday night I closed the guest room door. About 3:00 a.m. on Monday morning Rascal was beating on the door and meowing to the top of his lungs. He was searching for her. He spent Monday searching for her. I know he gets tired of having no one visit him.

Sandy left for S.E. Alabama Sunday morning, the day it warmed up a bit. We heard in the news that ice and snow was headed for that area Tuesday night. Yep, it followed her home! It was a rare occasion that it snowed in lower Alabama, but always a treat. The only bad part was the power lines going down, no electricity or heat, and the icy roads. Everything closes down. I heard from her today. Businesses are closed up for Wednesday. As she was driving home tonight, there was ice hanging on the stop signs.

Two friends from the Bible study I attend here in Wilmore treated me to lunch today for my birthday. We went to a tea room in Lexington. Such a nice treat. Afterwards we went to a second hand furniture store and walked around. By the time I crawled back into the vehicle, I could barely move. On the way home, I could barely keep my eyes open. My body was finally shutting down.

I walked in the door at 2:00 pm today, called a friend and told her I was just too exhausted to come over, crawled into bed and slept for four hours. Last week I just pushed myself. Once I let go, my body collapsed. I fought fever after fever, severe joint pain, trouble breathing last week, but kept going. Today I hit a wall.

Time to stop, stay in bed and recover before another lupus flare sets in. I hope I caught it before the roller coaster ride begins. It was worth it all!

KY Sunset

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