Sunday, January 19, 2014

Birthday Thoughts and Kevin Spacey

I watched the SAG awards last night. Knew Kevin was nominated so he would be there. He also presented so that was a nice treat for me. Yet again they gave the award to the actor whose show was "retired." Kevin - you're still a winner to me!! Looking sharp in that tux!

Another year will pass in my life on Monday the 20th. I'll be 53. Hard to believe. The year I was diagnosed with systemic lupus, I never dreamed I'd make it this far. Been through a lot of trauma through the years with the loss of my family members, my health, etc., but have learned compassion, caring, kindness. Now if I could only learn patience with people who have not learned these things.

Take each day one at a time. Be thankful for at least one thing before you close your eyes at night. Reasonable goals I think.

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