Friday, January 10, 2014

The Joys of Having Lupus!

ANOTHER infection! Saw the doctor Thursday and was put on antibiotics - another pill I can barely afford. Since Obamacare kicked in, medication costs rose. So now I'll be deciding on food or medications and which ones I can refill each month. Such joy!

When the weather is extreme - from freezing cold to warm and rainy- my joints swell, I run fever and hurt all over. I'm so tired of living life from a bed. After two weeks, I still can't walk on my left foot. The sad thing is I've seen two doctors and neither one offered help to find out what's causing the pain. So like most doctors, they just blame it on lupus instead of x-raying it for fractures, say "I'm so sorry you are in pain" and then allow me to "walk" out the same way I walked in.

I wonder. Are there any doctors out there who will do whatever they can to find the source of the problem and treat it instead of just pushing pills I cannot afford and that don't work?

Feeling low today with so much pain and swelling.

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