Tuesday, January 14, 2014

What A Day!

I am utterly amazed at how ignorant customer service people are! Today I spent four segments of time at 30 minutes each trying to "return" a call from my pharmacy. Three times it cut me off. The fourth time I finally reached a person - a foreign person who could barely speak English. He "put me on hold" to find out why I called and immediately cut me off.

Tonight I tried again. Long wait but finally connected to a person. They just wanted to know if I wanted my medication refills. Never mind they were due. Never mind I tried to do this through the internet. This took an hour and I still don't know why the anti inflammatory medication wasn't accepted. In fact, it wasn't even listed on my account anywhere. No letter explaining why. The service person only said, "Huh." As I've said many times before, "I'm Sorry" goes a long way when you use it.

Stressed out by all of it, a fever set in tonight. All of a sudden a flush of heat radiated through my body. I'm up to 102 degrees right now. Stress and lupus don't mix.

It is hard dealing with illness when you're alone in the world. It is even harder dealing with people who have no clue as to what they're doing and don't care if they do it or not. Yesterday it was the doctor's office and insurance company. I left a form with my doctor's office last Thursday for him to fill out and mail into my insurance company. I called yesterday to see if it was done. They said he was out of town until Wednesday, but it is on his desk (buried under a mound of papers). I explained how it needed to be done asap because the insurance company was sending me second notices. I understand he is out of town, but I made sure it was up front and ready. Of course, I'll have to call back at the end of the week to make sure it was done.

Try to make the insurance company understand the doctor is "out of town." No matter how many times I repeated to the customer service person, she just wouldn't understand I couldn't pull it out of a hat as though it were a rabbit! After ten minutes of this back and forth, she finally got it and made note on my file. More stress!!

Sometimes I wish I had someone in my life who would stand between me and the stress of customer service dealing with health care, doctors and insurance companies. But there is no one. I'm stuck stressing through it. It scares me to know one day when I have no mental faculties about me that they will be even worse to deal with on a one to one basis.

I had a dream once about someone in my life. He gave me a cell phone so that he could keep up with my daily health conditions, took care of doctor appointments, made sure I was being treated properly with much needed therapy and medications, and sat beside me through it all. But is was only a dream. Wouldn't it be great to have this one come true?

I'm turning 53 next Monday and I cannot help but wonder what the year holds. Just now recovering from Christmas alone, I don't want to look forward to anything just now. I'm tired. After all it is just another day.

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