Monday, January 6, 2014


With the temperatures at -1 degree and the wind chill approaching -20, it is cold outside! I stepped onto the porch to check the thermometer. My hair was wet. When I stepped back inside, my hair was frozen stiff!

Now the electricity is popping on and off every time the heat comes on. Wilmore people must have the heat on full blast! I think it is because my neighbor next door is washing clothes. Not a good thing to do when we all need heat!

Rascal and I are banding together underneath the electric blanket. I begged the outside cats to come inside, but none would give in. So I took a couple of storage bins on the porch. They have a hole cut into the side for easy entry and warm blankets. The porch is under a shelter so they should be okay. I already have two residents curled up. Just can't bear an animal freezing or starving. Will go back outside to check on them before going to bed.

Haven't  been this cold since my senior year in college! I remember the temps dropping to -20 degrees with snow on the ground, just like today. One of my favorite memories is watching two friends sitting outside the dorm waiting to grab and roll girls in the snow.

Amazing it was 57 degrees yesterday. Now there is frozen snow on the ground.

Here's a sad thought - I'm getting use to be alone in Wilmore. I had hoped moving would have changed that part. People are the same no matter where you go. It was worth it to get away from the crime in AL.


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